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1st-Mar-2007 03:41 pm - The Black Donnellys
Yes, Zee, you read it right... I caved and... I watched the damn thing. And all because of this. It's amaizing what big of a part can one song have in a TVshow nowadays.

After watching that I cave and watched the whole episode, which was pretty good, actually, and exactly what I expected it to be after reading about it online for almost 3 months now. Don't have any preferences, not even sure if I'm gonna watch more then 3-4 episodes of it, but, yeah Olivia Wilde and Jonathan Tucker might have a say in that one. :P Seriously, I can't and don't want to commit myself to another TVshow and from what I see, this one might not have a long life after all. But, my god, how much influence can the music have in my TVshow preferences!?! *coughLexandmecough*

The song you heard in that preview and in the original TBD pilot is "Rebellion (Lies, Lies)" by The Arcade Fire, but since the band didn't agree to licence the song to the producers, they had to re-use the overplayed "Open Your Eyes" by Snow Patrol. Which, in this case, totally sucked. Rebellion pwns in that scene. Don't get me wrong, I'm one of the biggest SP fans out there, but my opinion, as of many, is: "Open Your Eyes" should've been ours in the first place - OTH crowd - and used as the 401 coda for which it would've been a perfect fit, but the TBD people took the OTH road and recycled music - which is kinda bad for a pilot show to do nowadays - and look what they got. If I was to watch the episode that aired on NBC, I would've totally bitched by now about the how fast this show has got itself a fanbase to begin with, for nothing. But, I didn't. And others - the main target did. Hence, a premature death of it, IMO.

Well, okey, I'm not an autority in this... so maybe this review might help too.


ETA: I'm still on my JLs high (imagine the speculations now)... and on hiatus. :P
ETA 2: my Joy links to SendSpace are all gone. :( IDK why, but they're gone. Do they like expire or something? Eh, SS sucks right now. I think I need to take my business elsewhere.
ETA 3: Does FF work for anyone?
ETA 4: Yeah, joined the crowd, sorry. But it is kinda fun, though, I sucked at everyone's tests.

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26th-Feb-2007 01:02 am - NH fics, y'all
Yeah, I know I said the word HIATUS in my previous post and believe me, I use it. Really. :P But I have a tiny request for my lovely FList, since I know some people here can help me. :P Right, right?

I kinda recovered my NH-fic mood, mostly because "Timeless" (written by Cath, the spoiler-queen) was really finished and now "Getting It All Back" (written by the lovely Brynne aka unwindingdreams), too, and, since I know I'm gonna be done with these two by tomorrow and that these days (coughmonthscough) I'm gonna spend a hell of a lot time at the library, studying for my UNI degree, I'm gonna want more NH fics. 

So, I need to know something, considering I couldn't catch up with The Rivercourt latelly and all the new fics kinda scared me (in a good way!). 

Are the next fics updated/finished? If not, someone knows why?

* Just Like In The Movies
* The Closest Thing To Insanity
* The Scott Family
* The Queen Of Everything
* Only In September
* The Swan Syndrome
* The Goodbye Girl
* From Under The Bright Lights

* Dance of Vengeance (well, I know this one's finished, but has someone found the missing chapters?)
* Good Night, Ophelia
* Mara's Captivated *wink*
24th-Feb-2007 05:01 pm - Time out.
I need a break. Last night was the final straw, in many ways, so I need to get out of here and touch some RL stuff, cause everything's just kinda pilled up. My health is "on the rocks", my schedule is all over the place, my life is getting hectic, I already procrastinated too many things... and since there's no OTH, no other fav shows for that matter, for the next weeks, the time is now.

So, I'm gonna take the hiatus card and run away with it for the next... weeks, I guess. I'll probably still lurk on FF and here from time to time, but not too much, hopefully not at all. Here's my IM/MSN, if needed, for anything: andre282@yahoo.com / andrea23jl@hotmail.com

Some leftover messages: Alix - we're doing that thing, don't worry, I'm not bailing. :P; Zee - I'm gonna try to email you my stuff ASAP, count on it. Susan - I'll still keep an eye on "musical" things, cause I can't take a break from that one. :P
22nd-Feb-2007 05:34 pm - If only...
I uploaded pieces of the OTH 415 on YouTube and mostly every time, the tweenies are the ones who annoy with "oohh"-ings and "ahh"-ings, so I tend to just ignore them. But today, this girl posted this:

If any episode could get a new viewer hooked on this show, it's this one - and the new viewer is me. 

I just thought this comment was amazing and so true. :P
21st-Feb-2007 05:05 pm - All good things... end this week!
Yes, sadly, this week we're gonna have to say bah-bye to some shows, mostly due to the hiatus thing. Boo.

1. One Tree Hill. Tonight's the last episode and, frankly, I don't expect much from it, considering it's not an end-of-an-arch episode... so all I want and I think I can settle for is NH. Just give me NH on my screen and I'm good. Yeah, firm hugs will do too, just as long as they're talking to each other and not... others. And James' hair is tamed... :P Argh, six weeks! Boo.

2. Studio 60. Sunday (or Monday for the US) was the last episode before the looong and kinda undefinite hiatus. Uber bummer cause we know nothing about the state of this show, not anymore, when it's been pulled back to make room for the Black Donnellys, show that I already don't like... for a lot of reasons. LOL, because I bet in a few weeks I'm gonna talk about it or make arts from it. It's just... with shows that are mainly popular because of the public opinion, I tend to hate them or not watch them anymore. Kinda like it happened at the beginning with FNL, but I'm all good with that one because I'm inlove with Matt/Julie and the Coach-s.

3. Grey's Anatomy. Well that is one show I barelly talked about... minus the music of the show, I wasn't paying much attention, watching only when I wanted a Patrick Dempsey fix. But now that they air it in my country too, my sister is uber, and I mean that with a big U, obsessed with it. The shocker is that she used to laugh of my tendency to obsess over a lot of superficial stuff during my life like BSB, Britney, BH90210, GG, The OC and especially OTH... and now look who's LOL. After only a few s1 episodes she made me DL all s2 and s3 and like a greedy little squirrel that she is, she watched s3 in 2 days and now wants more (music, spoilers, pics, T-shirt with McDreamy McHottie, blah blah)... And this week is the end the death-arch-story, where some people die... and I get a lot of good music. :P Eh, my sister will probably start to haunt FF in the next six weeks, since that's how long the hiatus will be. 

4. The OC. Last, but definitelly not least. IT ENDS!!! Boo. I know I kinda laughed in my little corner when the news that the show was ending came out. But, that laugh was definitelly justified. The show started to suck a long time ago for me and I just couldn't help it. Even with Taylor, it just didn't work anymore. But... I'm still proud to say that this was my first online obsession and the main reason that I'm calling myself a rabid fan of OTH. So, thank you, OC, I'll shed a tear when I'll watch you on Thursday night and I'm definitelly gonna miss... SETH. And Sandy... And Summer... But mostly Seth, my geek-crush. :P


Oh, and not to forget, check out the project that Zee and Co. initiated: James' Birthday Thread at FF. Yay cause Sunja (and many others minus me) will go to the Charity Game in March and deliver the final product so, if you want to join the list, do it now, because March 1st is the deadline. :P

15th-Feb-2007 05:24 pm - About stuff... and Tyler
Eh, I feel like I need to explain my previous reaction, so here goes, in short, why I don't heart OTH after last night's episode:

1. firm hugs - that about sums up NH, right?!?
2. the videotape - you all seen drunk people, right? well, from that tape, drunk people re-invent themselves. Drunk, my ass.
3. the sprinkler scene - gross, gross, gross... 

The End. Because, for now, this topic doesn't deserve my attention anymore. I just want the JLs to have beautiful, nice, hot projects this summer. Preferably TOGETHER.

Anyhoo, I'm going shopping now, so I'll talk to you all when I get back, but not before I drop these off, hoping Sunja won't mind. 

So, Sunja sunshine210  and Alix thisholymess  went to see Tyler in concert yesterday (or the day before - time difference sucks) and their stories are so cute and fangirl-like and I envy them so much right now. I still want Alix's pics and vids, cause Sun already posted hers, check them out. 

And I manage to rip the sound from Sunja's videos:

Tyler Hilton - Milk Cow Blues
Tyler Hilton - When The Stars Go Blue

Tyler Hilton - I'd Rather Be Lonely

Now this part is kinda tricky, cause I don't know how many of you know this. I'm gonna put in under cut.

14th-Feb-2007 05:31 pm - Thank god for Joy
OMG, I'm watching BIOA for the first time ever and I can't believe how stupid and lame this movie is. I mean, I expected it to suck, considering the original BIO, but still... eh, thank god for Joy. And not to forget, it did bring  important cast to OTH, 7th Heaven, The OC and so on...

Towel. Immediately.

Onto another subject, good music for tonight's OTH. Though it won't save it from the afterwards suckfest. Boo.
13th-Feb-2007 07:00 pm - Icons
Some random icons, not all OTH related, believe it or not... :D 


And JLs, Christina at the Grammy's, Scarlett Johansson, FNL, Audrey Hepburn, random.

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13th-Feb-2007 02:29 am - Music, guys, music...
Since not everyone goes to FF or the music thread, here are my latests. :D

* Travis new songs - leakage from the new album.

Selfish Jean
Three Times And You Lose

* And the Grammy 2007 performances (mp3 format) that I got:

Shakira - My Hips Don't Lie
The Police - Roxanne
Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around...
Beyonce - Listen
Christina Aguilera - A Man's World
Corrine Bailey Rae, John Legend, John Mayer - Medley
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