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22nd-Jan-2009 09:08 pm(no subject)


2nd-Apr-2007 03:38 pm - Moving out...
Yeah, well, I'm moving... though I'm gonna leave this one open too for communities only, not updating. I'm not gonna take the liberty to add everyone back... So, if you still want me, add me with this:


17th-Mar-2007 10:58 pm - Uff...
Can someone tell me where can I find DVD caps of OTH - season 3! - episodes, not the cut scenes? :D I need them desperatelly...
17th-Mar-2007 02:28 am - something so beautiful...
Here's the download link for October Road, onYSI (hate it, just so you know... it takes years to upload somethin). :P 

+ October Road s1ep01 +

And because these were starting to pile up and I kinda procrastinated posting them, I think it's time for some JLs hotness in here... 8 more days. :D I just hope it will worth our pain and suffering aka please, no Stalker or Sheman.

1-20 - JLs
21-25 + James
1 + JLs art


16th-Mar-2007 01:22 pm - I miss Jake...
I wanna see "October Road", but can't find a torrent link. 

Does anyone know where can I see last night's episode? Or give me dl link, at least... :(

Torrent link found. Check the comments, if you need it. :D
10th-Mar-2007 06:54 pm - Back to life...

My window is not sad anymore. :P I finally killed the bug, yay for me! 

So, after blindingly trying everything last night, the last resort payed off. And now, as a lesson for everyone who might encounter problems like these, here's my 

Still, I want to thank you guys for the advices, especially Zee. *hugs* It was trully an adventure. 

Now, onto something happy. I have an YouSendIt account that allows me for a month to upload big stuff, like big albums and TVshows. *wink* So, if you guys have requests, an episode of something you missed or anything One Tree Hill - since this one I have it in all shapes and sizes, except 218 cause my comp is allergic to that one - request. 

One mention, make it 1-2 episodes/request and ask for something that still exists (eg. I hardly found a "Saved By The Bell" episode online and from what I know, "Dallas" doesn't have torrents : P ). 

ETA: I love love my icon. :D

9th-Mar-2007 04:11 pm - Slowly dieing
I got a virus from I don't know where this morning and now my laptop is a wreck. It's not an online thing, since I can still post here but Internet Explorer is the only thing I can use now. I think it's a CPU thing, since it reports that I have a low drive memory or something and Windows Explorer is to full capacity. That thing is like a time bomb, overcharging by the second or something... and I think no one understood a thing that I said.

Argh, the point is, if someone even remotelly knows what I'm talking about or knows a good Anti-Virus or Online Virus Scan page, can you please help me??? Pleaseee... yeah, I got to the point of begging, sorry. :(
Since I, too, got tagged by primero431I'm doing the meme-of-the-day. :P

Rule: Post the explanation of where your user name came from. Then tag TEN users whose explanations you'd like to hear. If you are tagged post the explanation to your page.

Deea347. Eh, it's kinda plane. I don't know how many of you know it, but my real name is Andreea - that's how it's spelled in Romanian and it's pronounced as the Italian Andrea - and the nickname for it, in my country is Deea (Italian pronounciation to this one too :P ). As for the 347, it represents the last numbers of my mobil no. Plain, like I said. But I'm changing it here too, hopefully soon. 

Tagging? Hmm, I don't want to annoy anyone with it, but if someone from this list wants to do it - because I'm dying of curiosity - that would be great: allegator20, babss, craziprodigy, drops0fjupiter, equalize21, fernando9elnino, flash502, forthesound, glazed_over08, loveatlanta, panic09, sleepneeded911, sunshine210, therailway and unwindingdreams. Please, guys, don't feel you have to do it, just... you have interesting names and I'm curious like that. :P

ETA2: I'm gonna need to re-upload ALL the JOY goodies that I posted some time ago, since all my links died, stupid SS. :( Patience to those who asked about them. :P
5th-Mar-2007 02:52 pm - Overdue
Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who posted those lovely messages in my previous post. They were all kind and reassuring, so thank you for the confort of words, I think I really needed that.

Things kinda settled now around here and I think everything is back to normal, so... yeah, it is hard, but we all have to get over stuff like this and learn to expect to hit us again, cause, in the end, they're part of this crazy thing called life. I'm sorry again if this seemed a bit exagerated, since other, really awful things happen in the world, but... I think that, because people around me say I live in a cocoon, in my own little world where no one can touch me, this event was kind of a breaking point. It needs to be a breaking point so I can snap out of some stuff and see the real world like a 23-year-old should see it. He he, it did make me settle and get over some petty and imature things concerning stuff and posters from FF. 

Even though this isn't pointing the finger at any of you, deep down inside you know what I'm talking about, cause I think we should take time to think about stuff like this and have a reality check. I sure needed one. :P

Have a nice week, everyone!

ETA: AJ, congrats again for the Mod position at James' board. I'm happy you're there and I hope I'll drop by more often, after the hiatus. It looks like a really fun place to hang! :D
3rd-Mar-2007 09:15 pm - +++
My parrot died a few hours ago and ... everything is a mess right now. It is kind of a big deal, since my family and I are very attached to animals, in general, and to ours, in particular... and this was our first pet. I got it almost six years ago, for my birthday, and everyone kinda fell in love with it at first sight. Yes, I know that animals, especially birds, die fast, and I expected that for Coco too, but not like this. He wasn't sick and he acted all week like his usual self. And he was fine the last time I saw him in my room... and then my sister found him and everything went blank from that moment. My father doesn't know yet and I'm so afraid of how he'll take it when he finds out. He was the most attached to Coco.

I'm sorry for depressing everyone with this, you don't have to read or comment to this. This is just me finding a way to deal with it, since I'm this close to email my ex-bf and cry myself on his sholder... and I don't want to do that. I know he would've appreciated a sign from me after all this time, and he'd know what to do and what to say, but... I just can't make that step back. Not anymore.
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